Amalfi Coast and Sicily

8 Nov 2012 9:57 AM –

Grazie mille Michael

It was a great trip that we both thoroughly enjoyed. The tour in Sicily was excellent, and the last day in Sorrento as a spare was put to good use – a return trip by ferry to Naples to visit the Museum (to see things recovered from Pompeii and Herculaneum, after the Pompeii visit a few days before). Villa d’Este and Pompeii were quite amazing. The hotel choices in Rome and Sorrento were also excellent – both were centrally located, helpful staff and well managed. The Sorrento location was also wise – we could access everything from this lovely little town. The Italian cuisine was perhaps the only matter – we did arrive there with high expectations. Perhaps arriving as we did at the end of the tourist season, any “main road” restaurants were delivering bulk fare – perhaps staff were getting tired, or responding to demands for what tourists were used to back home. We sought out and found some good local Italian cuisine, and on the Sicily tour, specific restaurants and hotels generally did provide meals equal to our high expectations. A lesson for us next time we visit – ask the locals where to eat!

Regards Michele & Neville